Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

Conversion Rate Experts

My first reaction to the conversion rate experts table is wow, that’s a lot of options! I think the table itself is extremely basic and vague though. It’s highly unrealistic to expert the “From 40€ AB Tasty” to compete with the Accenture solution that runs 6 figures. I think this was done highly ineffectively as it should be split up by the type of customer/consumer. To me one of the most important indicators of capabilities though is the “Type of MVT” section. It’s important to make sure that a wide swath of split testing options are available.


Webmaster Guidelines

The webmaster guidelines section on Google’s website is interesting as they cut-down on many of the “cheap” ways of improving SEO. As Google adjusts though, more tools come out to help professionals. PRWeek recently released an article discussing some of Google’s changes to web link tactics. I found it interesting how much Google’s article focused on speed and other areas not always associated with SEO. It will be interesting to see what new techniques marketers can release to combat many of the paid social media strategies that agencies have begun to implement.


SEM Glossary of Terms

Most of the SEM terms were very familiar to me as I work for a cloud marketing company. For example,Eloqua is one example of a marketing automatic software. Canonicalization was a term I wasn’t familiar with although it has been a goal of mine to make sure all websites that I produce do not have duplicate links. This article discusses the new co-optimization support between paid and organic SEO. It’s important to note that many companies use both to bump out competition and to further enforce their authority when they are near the top of both. 



What do you think will be the next major change in Google’s rules to prevent paid or unnatural techniques used for SEO purposes? 

What terms were familiar and what terms were foreign on the Glossary?

Have you used any of the testing services and if so, what did you like or not like about it? If you haven’t, do you think you will try a certain service and why?


4 thoughts on “Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

  1. I knew most of the terms Patrick. I just found me a new favorite to refer to that for sure when I need a better definition. Based on my work experience I knew most of them do I use them on a daily bases no. When writing reports these terms can come in handy to give a boss or client so they have a better understanding of your report you may be presenting.

  2. The question you posed about what Google’s next rule will be really got me thinking. What will be the next major change in Google’s rules to prevent paid or unnatural techniques used for SEO purposes? Google’s webmaster guidelines is already extensive in what it frowns upon and what the company will punish. From no hidden text or links, sneaky redirects, and having to monitor your website from hacking it appears that Google has covered it all thus far. However, technology and the web are constantly changing, which means Google’s guidelines will have to constantly change as well. Perhaps with everything becoming more interactive people will find a new way to cheat the system that Google will have to restrict. If people want to figure something out bad enough, they will.

  3. jscholnik says:

    I’m glad you consider split-testing options. I like your first question – Google needs to carefully monitor tricks and unethical behavior that some companies will use to increase SEO.

  4. For sure. Ultimately, intelligent people are able to manipulate the system one way or another, so Google needs to always watch for this. I think long-term though, it will be interesting to see if Google ever goes too far in their limitations.

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