Social Analytics and CRM

The Marketing Blueprint

When watching the blueprint video, my mind immediately thought of Spinnakr. In the future, I think there will be a strong demand for software that automates the analyzation of analytics and data. To me, the video was pretty straightforward. The suggestions made by Gill Media including content, volume, and sources are just as transferable to other industries. The idea of quality leads in sales, marketing, or online analytics is in reality all the same. It’s a highly intelligent marketing technique that they used, but it does not help explain what sources are quality or to increase volume.  It only highlights the main issue that most people of, which is making sense of analytics and finding the best way to use it.

Hootsuite Analytics vs. Adobe Marketing

Hootsuite Analytics are very basic compared to those discussed in the Mashable articles. Hootsuite allows for reporting and tracks likes, follows, etc, but it’s monitoring feature is quite weak. They do not have direct quotes of potential leads via social media posts nor do they have advanced reporting that most marketing professionals of large companies seek. Hootsuite Analytics has the same issue that many find with Google Analytics in that they are just numbers. Many can’t understand what they mean nor convert the statistics into new opportunities. In reality, it would be better for them if they had a solution similar to Adobe’s solution where they see signals. Vocus is similar to Adobe with their “buying signals,” while Sprout Social is a more advanced version of Hootsuite. I think many people lump social media marketing solutions together, but content creation and external monitoring are far different. It’s much more useful to listen to external signals than to only monitor the reaction to posts that you make.


Effects of the Recession on Public Mood in the UK

The study on the impact of recession on public mood in the UK highlights the need for advanced listening. By monitoring social media for sentiment, content can be tested to create certain emotions. Marketers can manipulate these details to increase the likelihood that someone would purchase a product. While content, volume, and conversion rate as discussed in the video are important, what helps drive sources? If your only sources are paid, that’s not very useful. Far more useful is testing public relations and referral techniques and then testing the sentiment to those releases. That cannot be tested by Google Analytics or Hootsuite alone. Surprisingly Google could have provided answers in this area by combining Google Alerts into Google Analytics, but is choosing not to.


Social CRM is a Tough, Worthy Goal

The issue of a CRM is still one that hasn’t been cracked. I’ve experienced this in politics as the value of tying a voter file to social media sites is insanely valuable. Every social media page is tied to an email address, leading to greater potential for email marketing campaigns. I know from my personal experiences that SalesForce can hold a lot of information, but is not as social as needed. Without deep human analysis spending hours trying to match profiles to a customer list, there really isn’t a good way to automatically link the two. For now, banks and other companies will have to hope for voluntary social information given either through liking one of their pages or engaging them in some other kind of way. Through campaigns though, I’m sure they can link far more than the average group.


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