4 thoughts on “Mobile Analytics Presentation

  1. I agree with you that QR codes are going to be used more in the future when they are more developed. Although many people have commented negatively about these codes, I find them useful and I have used them in the stores for additional information. Patrick your presentation was very good and complete. Thanks for posting this video and giving us the opportunity to see everything you had prepared and your experience for class.

  2. Patrick: You did a great job. I learned a lot. I had no idea there was so much competition re:Mobile Analytics.
    To your question about whether I’m surprised that tablets will grow so much in use in the next five years? I’m not surprised, only because I’m continually seeing them adapted for different uses, including these three instances just this week:
    1) My daughter’s 1st grade teacher uses one to do some assessments for her students, take attendance, etc. It’s a far more natural interface with the kids than having to sit behind her laptop.
    2) A waitress took my order and credit card payment with one last week, which enabled her to serve several more tables and increased the restaurant’s efficiency.
    3) My doctor’s office had me do all my paperwork on one this week rather than the clipboard — which automatically populated the multiple forms with my ID and address, which was awesome, once I entered it once.
    Now, how will that play in the continuing evolution of analytics? No idea, but I do think there will inevitably be one-stop shopping for analytical products, even if behind the scenes the analytic companies are piecing it together for the client. Just too powerful a marketing option not to happen.

    • I agree with you big time on tablets in the classroom. I think they could save costs and ultimately kids from carrying overweight book bags all the time. I have however seen a mixed bag for waitresses. Many of them can find it cumbersome from time to time. I’ve found a similar issue with using my Galaxy Note for meetings. Hopefully in the future, quicker Windows devices with a digitizer will solve this problem, but the technology still isn’t quite there yet.

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